Revelation Connections

RevelationConnections.Vision is an out-of-the-box Christian forum for listening to saints to confer on dreams, visions, and prophetic impressions.

Revelation Connections’ goal is to connect Christ’s Body by enabling Saints in every country to communicate and discover what the Holy Spirit is saying to the worldwide Church. 

Using advanced technologies, believers post their personal dreams, visions, and prophetic impressions in a great database. Saints around the world then search the posts of others to discover complementary themes, insights, and directions.

We are sometimes surprised when, in our limited circles, we discover others praying the same prayers, seeing the same pictures, pursuing the same goals, and receiving the same guidance. These things may happen through “accidental” connections. Our goal is to remove the accident, making connections intentional!

After the Twin Towers fell in New York, we learned dozens, and perhaps hundreds of believers around the world had “premonitions,” pictures or thoughts where they saw those towers coming down.

What if there had been a forum established where those people could have shared these impressions beforehand?  At the very least, we would have been comforted to know that “God does nothing without first revealing it to His prophets” (Amos 3:7). 


If watchmen around the world had been enabled to communicate their senses and concerns, prayer would have been mobilized, and actions could have been provoked to subvert those evil plans!

We are connecting watchmen around the globe to alert the Body to dangers and ways to counter them! We are also linking Saints to discover Holy Spirit-inspired opportunities to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus! We link the members of the Body to complementary revelations, insights, faith, and courage. This propels God’s people into concerted prayer and explosive action! Revelation Connections is a conduit so we may communicate and realize different outcomes, bringing glory to God!

There is no stand-alone Saint who has the whole mind of Christ. When we come together, and every member shares their piece of the puzzle, the grand picture of what Christ has painted appears. We insist that everyone have an opportunity to share what they have, and everyone is enabled to see how what is shared fits with their piece. Any true lover of the Lord Jesus will not be marginalized.

How exciting that we now have the technology for Christians in Madagascar, Indonesia, and Chile to discover how their puzzle pieces harmonize and complement each other, and joined, provide the now-wisdom of God!  

This ability to confer upon God-given dreams, visions, and prophetic impressions naturally steers the church to mobilize and counter dangers and rise to take advantage of inspired opportunities. 

Revelation Connections, sanctified in the hands of God, will propel the Church to bolt ahead in depths of relationship, intelligence, unified prayer, and Kingdom accomplishment. The possibilities and implications are as endless as an atomic reaction. 

Outcomes will be as diverse as:

  • Uncovering crime rings
  • People enslaved found and rescued
  • Exposure to corruption in the government
  • Evidence to exonerate or prosecute in courts
  • Seeing evil exposed before it is perpetrated. 
  • Discoveries of heavenly music,
  • Cures for disease, 
  • Intelligence for business success
  • Knowledge for invention
  • Cooperative ministries for harvesting unreached people groups.

As we confer and seek our Glorious God together, He will reveal great and mighty things we have never known or imagined before!

We will see the glorious plans our Heavenly Father has for individuals and nations and how to labor together to see His wonderful will done in His way! 

We will find our puzzle picture reveals the rapturous face of our dearest Lord Jesus!

As we co-labor with Christ, we will see the answer to our 2000-year-old prayer, “Your Kingdom come on our planet just as it prevails in the highest heaven!”

We Must Prepare For The Deluge

Moses said, “I wish all the Lord’s people would prophesy.” Moses is getting his wish in the last days out-pouring.

Acts 2 gives us a weather forecast. We should expect a torrential rainstorm and a deluge of dreams, visions, and prophecies in the “last days.” This holy storm is not just for noted prophets but for all God’s people – young and old, male and female, rich and poor, from every nation. 

“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” Acts 2:17

When God is drenching His supernatural intelligence, wisdom, and direction, how will we sort through the millions of revelations and make sense of them? Revelation Connections will be part of the answer. It is a “last days” key for discerning God’s voice and will and making Spirit-lead applications. The church will be connected, person to person, and worldwide!

The excitement will escalate as hundreds of thousands of complementary experiences, insights, thoughts, and solutions pour in. Imagine the excitement as pictures emerge, where clarity is upgraded, and where strategies for becoming “doers of the word” are actually put into practice

There is no problem-free adventure. And dirty diapers come with every baby. 

Revelation Connections may be as challenging to launch and fly as a rocket ship. 

The engineers and builders of this ship are pioneering new processes.

Who will help us navigate toward a godly vision?

Who will pray to gather holy oil to power the ship?

Where will we find team members to maintain and expand this launch system?

Where will the finances come from to cultivate this workhorse technology?

How will we inform Saints around the world of Revelation Connections? 

Surely, false prophets will try to twist and distort, meaning harm.

Young, sincere listeners will “miss it,” sometimes submitting nonsense because they are still developing their discernment.

People will try to get the limelight.

Religious scoffers will seek to undermine.

Whatever the challenges, we will know tackling them will be worth it when we see our Lord face to face. Our efforts may be part of the answer to Jesus’ prayer, “Let them be one!”

Thanks for your prayers, donations, submissions, searches, your testimonies, and suggestions!

As extraordinary wonders are revealed – 

All glory goes to God our Creator and Father,

To Jesus Christ, our Savior and Shepherd,

And to the Holy Spirit, our Comfort and Guide!



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