Over the past few decades I’ve had uncanny experiences with six American Presidents. All of these have happened in dreams. I’ve been with or near President Donald J Trump in many dreams. Here is a condensation of dreams and my reflections. These experiences remind me of the importance of praying for and acting on behalf of our President. I’d love to learn what others are seeing about President Trump.


I was sitting at a table with several people including President Trump. A man at the table had a massive heart attack. He fell on the floor. I began to minister to and gave him words to repeat to call on Jesus to save him. He twisted my words and was unwilling to acknowledge Jesus. I made several attempts to turn the man to Jesus but he refused. Finally, I was disgusted and condemned the man. He was overcome with demonic spirits!

REFLECT: I realize President Trump has had wicked people acting as friends and counselors at his table. They must be exposed and brought down!



Dream of being in a room with President Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu.  Both of them had been given steel plates about 2 by 2 feet. Trump’s was about 1“ thick and Bibi’s was about ½ inch. They were shiny and clean and neither one of the them had trouble holding them. They were holding them in front of them as if showing off pictures. Trump made a comment along the lines that this was a big deal. They were both very happy. Bibi told Trump something like, “This shows us how close our families are and that our relationships are deep.”

REFLECTION: Dear Father, I thank you for stationing these two men at this juncture in history. You have given them shields of protection. Bless and preserve and strengthen those shields and the nations they represent! No matter how dark the world, or how much difficulty we have in understanding the times, may their shields hold!



My wife and I had been traveling with President Trump on the road for a couple days. He was in a place where he was praying for one or two children and asked if anyone else would like to have prayer. I wondered if I should ask him for prayer, then I thought I could be a prayer support with him as he prayed.

Later my wife and I were standing near President Trump and I said something like, “It has been a wonderful couple days.” He replied by saying, “When you find the right people to work with everything works out right.”

REFLECT: This reveals the President as a man of prayer – perhaps in the making. A word of wisdom! Find the right people to work with!  May he be given the right people to help make things work out right for America.



I was spending the evening with President Trump. There was It was a quite with little conversation. I was most of the time in a side room. I came out and saw President Trump was wearing attractive but modest pajamas and appeared near to going to bed. His pajamas had interesting colors, blue-grey with a trace of purple. He seemed very relaxed. More relaxed than I had ever seen him.

I told the President, “We love you, Sir. And we pray for you daily, several times a day.”

There was another man who was there to whom the President had spoken harshly earlier in the evening. The president apologized to the man. The man seemed thick skinned, and showed little emotion but did seem to accept the apology.

It appeared the President was going to do one small task and then go to bed.

There was a man who had come in and he was going to work on sound or electronics for the President. This was to help the President communicate his messages to others.

REFLECT: Yes, Lord, for our President to be relaxed and at peace, for clear relationships with those he works with, and for greater communication of his vision and activities with Americans!



President Trump was visiting a house where we lived.

There was a “poor” family who seemed to be taking up his time and who was traveling behind the President’s motorcade in a van wherever the President went.

I thought the family was rather sleazy, and was somehow a drain to him, like leaches.

REFLECTION: Those truly poor and disenfranchised need assistance. But those who can afford to travel and follow the president in a minivan are not truly poor but blood suckers. May those who are wrongfully draining President Trump have their power to pull on him be cut off! Yes! In Jesus’ Name!



I was suddenly watching a western scene which seemed from about 1850. Three men were leaving a town on horseback. They were packing furs with them.

About 7 men ambushed them, not shooting but surrounding them and threatening.

Next I saw a scene there were about five people on horseback including a couple women who were coming from an intersecting path. Two or three men sensed something was wrong ahead and charged into the scene turning their guns on the backs of the men who had formed the ambush, threatening them.

It was tense. Would there be a fight?

REFLECT: This feels like President Trump and his staff surrounded by wicked men. I feel part of this is a group of lawyers coming to rescue the president. God save and vindicate our President, and save our nation!!!



I was in a huge open room at a church. I learned we were only going to pray for one thing, for The Church Service.

I was then down on my knees and found President Trump kneeling beside me. He asked me “What happened at the meeting?” I was confused not able to think of what meeting he was referring to. It seemed a large question. I was having difficulty recalling, let alone, telling about the events of the meeting he was referencing. I made a few comments about what had been going on in our nation about the fight for righteousness, and what was being done.

Then I said, “Can we stand up?” thinking I would be more activated to answer his question on my feet.

As we stood I asked him, “Do you know Lance Wallnau?” He was not sure. I said, “During the 2016 campaign Lance helped turn millions of votes for you.”

As I spoke I realized the President was much taller standing than he was kneeling. He seemed about 8 or 10 inches taller than me. I am 6’ 2”.

I looked around the room and saw the clock said, “10 minutes to 10.” The service would begin in a few minutes.

As we stood I realized the room was much larger than I first thought. There were no chairs. It seemed there may have been a thousand in the room praying. Most had walked out to go to the sanctuary.

Then my wife and I were in a thoroughly massive building that had the feel of an arena with huge rooms around the perimeter, each with TV monitors. She and I were in one of these side rooms which seemed it could seat tens of thousands. A great presentation was going to begin in the main arena which I felt might seat hundreds of thousands. She and I would watch from the side room. We were toward the back of this stadium room.  People were setting up red cushioned chairs to seat a crowd larger than they anticipated. All the seats were red.


REFLECT: Prayer going up for our nation is bigger than we know. President Trump stood very tall after being on his knees. That’s the way of the kingdom. God is doing something colossally big. May this represent our nation coming together. May the Lord present Himself at The Church Service. All seated on a foundation of the blood of the Lord Jesus. Make room for those coming!



1/16/2021             NEEDING TO DEAL WITH SCORPIONS

I saw a large black scorpion behind a Turtle. Both of them were about 10 inches round. The scorpion had short legs. I looked for a tool to kill the scorpion and found some farm tools which did not seem to be very useful. I took something and I think I made a strike at it but missed. The scorpion moved and I saw it was larger about 16” in diameter and it came beside another scorpion which was more oval but about 14 inches long. I was going to look for another tool and hoped they would stay there until I came back.

REFLECT: I had thought that the turtle represented President trump and the scorpion his detractors. Give us the weapons to destroy the scorpions!



I was standing on the side of a long, lonely desert country highway. I saw a car ahead on the side of the road. I felt it may have run out of gas. Four people got out of the car and began to walk past me. They seemed to be high-powered people who worked with influencers. I walked behind them.


We came into what may have been a hospital or nursing home. The group  didn’t have a phone. A woman among the four was going through some contact information from the facility on a desk and was starting to make phone calls. I was amazed she had access to the information, not knowing if it was right or wrong.


Then I was in a room with a perhaps a dozen people. President Trump was sitting there a bit frustrated that he needed to stay in a place which was not his office. It seemed he was one of the people who had been with the four. The place now seemed a bit like a hotel. He was making the best of the situation and working on plans.


He held a vibrantly beautiful diagram with characterizations of a resort. It reminded me of a map of Disney Land which did not show exact pictures but characterized the areas. What stood out to me were a couple vibrant characterizations of animals you might see in a zoo like lions and giraffes. I exclaimed that it was beautiful!


I was then sitting on a couch to the left of Melania. I was engaging several children in the room getting to know them. I sense that Melania was pleased with how I related to the children.


I learned I was going to fly with President Trump. His plane flew 58,000 mph. He would be the pilot. We would have to wait a bit before going to the plane but he was up on his feet walking about, and I was on his heels.


REFLECT: President Trump is out of his office but still unstopped in terms of his work. He has colorful plans.

He needs gas and powers of communication.

Psalm 58 is a powerful rebuke to governmental powers! The hammer of justice! I searched online looking for 58,000 mph. Aug 22, 2021 the asteroid, called 2016 AJ193, flew past the Earth at a velocity of 58,000 mph. It’s hard to imagine a speed that high; it equates to traveling about 16 miles every second.

Trump will fly again, faster than ever before!


I was in a bathroom which apparently belonged to President Trump. There was a pillow in the shower a couple feet below the nozzle. It had falling down. I was going to hold the pillow in place and check the show to make sure it worked properly.

REFLECT: Help take care of President Trump’s needs by giving rest and cleansing. I think of Mike Lindell when I think of the pillow.


5/7/2021               BIDEN OUSTED

Seeing four words in a vision – “Biden Ousted: ——–  ——-.” It felt like a press release headline. I could not see or understand the last words.



I was with president Trump in a small meeting of perhaps 20 people. It was interesting that there was only 1 security person with him. Everyone left the room. President Trump, the security man and I and were the only ones there. He was calm and quietly confident but was also dealing with some rejection. I was about to tell the president, “Be of good courage.”

Reflect: Psalm 27:14 “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he will strengthen you heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.”



I was with a few others across the street from the white house. A secret room had been found in a building. President Trump was in the room. I made a comment that it was good that we had found the room, because someone might have put a nuclear bomb in it to destroy the white house.

There was a sense that I had been asked to help remodel the room. I did not know if I wanted another thing to add to my todo list.

Reflect: President Trump is not in the White house, but close. He is staged for influence and can come back. Protect our nation from mischief. May we command the areas outside the White House.


President Trump and another man came to visit at our home. The two men sat and faced me. I told President Trump I had 8 dreams about him. I shared two of them.


I found myself sitting beside President Trump on a couch to his left. Another man was sitting on the other side of him and there were others in the room. I do not know what the business was. I said to President Trump, “You are an amazing man!”

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