Dream of a very high, long bridge. The bridge had six lanes but there were no vehicles on it. My wife was with a group of about 10 people circled in prayer on the deck of the bridge, which was about 70 feet above the water. I was on a walkway about 200 feet above that. 

The river was absolutely immense. The bridge ran down the middle of the river. You could look up and down the river and see the bridge was in the middle of the river even as the river’s directions changed. 

There were waves on the river which would be large if they were on a small river, but because the river was so huge the waves seemed small. But one wave reached over the surface of the bridge where my wife and the others were gathered and washed over them. 

I was greatly alarmed thinking they would be washed off the bridge. The wave seemed absolutely irresistible. When the wave was gone I saw they were all still there and doing ok, although one woman was coughing badly. I called down and asked her if she was alright. She indicated that she was not. 

I ran down, and slid down, ladder-like steps to the bottom. When I reached the bottom I was in a large room with about three dozen people praying. People were praying around the woman who had coughed, although the coughing had stopped. It seemed the woman needed more prayer. She was going to call her mom to pray for her.

There was some sort of informational computer there that could be asked questions and offer Biblical answers. It seemed very odd.


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