I was suspended about 35 feet over a body of ocean and about 200 feet from a sandy curved shore. I turned to my left and looked out to sea. As I did I received a knowledge through a narrator that many years before a large sailing ship ran aground in a storm and was destroyed off of this sandy shore. It’s cargo of colossal jewels and treasure was lost.

I looked back to the beach and saw that occasionally people would walk along the shore or wade in the water and find colossal jewels in the sand. Some of the rubies or diamonds would be as large as a basketball. When these people would find the jewels they became elated and would show them to their friends and family. 

Then I descended and went under water about 20 feet. I saw a grave in a vertical bank of sandstone. The stone door was sealed and the grave was covered with ancient Egyptian writing. Somehow, I knew that this was the grave of the extraordinary woman who was the ship’s chief passenger. 

Her name was Roxanne. She had been a person of the highest stature, excellence, beauty, wisdom and character, but she was lost in the shipwreck. 

A young man knelt before the tomb weeping for this lost woman. I only saw his back but it was obvious that he was filled with grief over the loss of this woman and that he pined for her. There was an impression that he was an archaeologist. The scene was immensely pitiable. This man was obviously deeply in love with Roxanne. 

As the dream ended I had a strange and wonderful impression that the tears of this man would bring this woman alive out of the grave and that the man and woman would be restored to one another.

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